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50 Great Things Leaders Do: Let's Get Fired Up!

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Fired Up Teachership

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It’s no secret that we are on the precipice of a massive teacher shortage with a dearth of passionate people entering the field of education. Our students need teachers who will carry the spark long into their professional career. Fired Up Teachership aims to ignite the spark and keep it lit by taking you on a journey with a noble mission along with two Fired Up educators who strike the perfect balance of knowledge, strategies, and techniques, enhanced by heart warming anecdotal stories of teaching. Frank and Michele take you on a practical walk through the challenges and joys of teaching, all the while, inspiring you to never lose your


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When you consciously make the decision to accept your role as a leader, amazing things happen! As you pursue balance in your life, the five domains of Fired Up Leadership allow you to create a culture of leadership. A culture of leadership creates a culture of passion. That is the center of Fired Up! Leadership.

As you empower people to pursue their passion and become leaders, your leadership ability increases exponentially. Leadership becomes a choice not a position. Your vision becomes a reality through your mission. People are taken to levels they never thought possible. Get Fired Up, people!


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A compilation of theory, stories, and common sense that contribute to a positive climate and culture through leadership

50 Great Thing Leaders Do: Let's Get Fired Up! 2nd Edition- Order 10 or more at the bulk rate & get the digital Companion Lifebook for free plus a Skype visit! Signed copies & bulk orders: 

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All profit from Books, Core Boards, and T-shirts go to charity.

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Fired Up Fridays with Frank

Episode 25

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Here's what people are saying about Frank's book, speeches, and presentations:

Can’t put it down!! Your book is easy to read. Leadership is doer-ship and positivity and believing and empowering.... In each other, we can have such an amazing and far-reaching impact. Thank you for your inspiring words!

 -Melissa Wright, Educator, Kennebecasis Valley High School, Quispamsis, NB, Canada

The stories in 50 Great Things Leaders Do: Let's Get Fired Up!  by @DrFranKRud will refuel your fire to make an impact & motivate you to raise the bar on climate and culture. Our students deserve the best and reading this book by one of the best is INSPIRING! #passion #findyourwhy

-Ali ,  Math Teacher, Yearbook Advisor, Bellwood Antis High School 

Richard- State Trooper Commander

Not at all what I was expecting. Dr. Rudnesky’s approach to leadership transcends beyond the classroom and applies to everyday life. The letters written are emotional and powerful and the message is true. Not only has the book helped me become a better leader but more importantly has helped me become a better person. Frank, you rock….. Keep inspiring and keep motivating the world around you. Nice job!

Christina- LA Teacher 

Dr. Rudnesky's 2nd edition of 50 Great Things Leaders Do: Let’s Get Fired Up! is a necessary, inspiring read not only for educators, but also for anyone who needs to find the motivation, the courage and the inspiration to make the workplace a fun and meaningful experience!! 

Michelle - Principal

Since the first time I saw Dr. R fly into a Renaissance Rally in his gold sneakers, on a rope, I knew he was the person I wanted to model my leadership style after! His care and support are for ALL and second to none! After you read this book, you will understand why he is EPIC to all who know him!

Mary Beth - Special Education Teacher 

Frank Rudnesky's leadership style is like no other. He leads from the middle of the pack, down in the trenches with the rest of us. Our world could use more leaders like him. It is impossible to not be touched by the anecdotes and stories in this book.

Steve - Community Member 

I look at CNN and see how the world is. I look at the culture you created and see how wonderful the world can be. Why is that?

Julie - Dr. R's Former Student 

…….. When you think about the lessons your middle school principal shared with you and you are in graduate school, it’s a really big deal! It means they’ve impacted your life in a significant way.

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